Phrase And Clause: Definition, Difference & Uses With Examples

Phrase And Clause With Examples, Uses & Rules, PDF

The Phrase Definition: A group of words that makes sense, but not complete sense, is called a Phrase.

Look at the groups of words in bold forms in the following sentences:

  1. This ring is made of gold.
  2. Mukesh Ambani is a man of wealth.
  3. I do not know how to close it.
  4. She’ll see you in the morning.
  5. I kept the notebook on the table.

These groups of words make sense, but not complete sense. They have no subject or predicate of their own.

Such a group of words is called Phrases.

The Clause Definition: A group of words that forms part of a sentence, and contains a subject and a predicate, is called a Clause.

Look at the groups of words in bold forms in the following sentences:

  1. He thinks that his brother is responsible for that incident.
  2. She knows how she should deal with clients.
  3. This is the place where the meeting happened.

In the given examples, the group of words in bold letters has a subject and a predicate.

In the first sentence, the subject is ‘his brother’ and the predicate ‘is responsible for that incident’.

In the second sentence, the subject is ‘She’ and the predicate is ‘should deal with clients’

And in the third sentence, the subject is ‘the meeting’ and the predicate ‘happened’.

Since these groups have a subject and predicate of their own, they act as a complete sentence.

But they are not complete sentences, because they form only part of a sentence.

Examples of Phrases and Clauses (Worksheet on Phrase and Clause)

Exercise: 1 Choose the correct Phrase or a Clause in each sentence given below:

  1. He said that he was innocent.
  2. I have no idea why she left us.
  3. She reacted to me in rude behavior.
  4. I cannot do anything without my parents.
  5. Children love to play in the park.
  6. I am happy that my parents are with me today.
  7. The old man says that he is worried about his son.
  8. All the students came on time.
  9. Children enjoy themselves a lot during their holidays.
  10. You should ask questions to your teacher in a polite way.
  11. You are not free to say whatever you like.
  12. The temperature comes down drastically at night.
  13. He wants to play the role of a music teacher.
  14. What are you doing at this moment?
  15. A large number of people have gathered in the Lal chowk at the road.

Finally, Phrase And Clause (Definition, Difference and Their Uses)

इस प्रकार ऊपर वर्णित The Phrase And Clause, Definition, उसके प्रकार एवं उनके सही उपयोग के नियमों को ध्यान में रखते हुए आप परीक्षा में पूछे जानेवाले प्रश्नों के सही उत्तर दे पाने में सक्षम हो पायेंगे.

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