The Sentence: Definition, Structure & Types

The Sentence: Definition, Structure & Types

Definition: A group of words that makes complete sense is called a sentence.

When we speak or write we use some words. We use these words in groups. But any group of words will not necessarily express a complete thought,

Ex: The Gym to daily goes he.

This is a group of words. Does it make any sense? Obviously not. Now we arrange these words in their proper order and rewrite it,

  • He goes to the gym daily.

Now, this makes complete sense & it is a correct sentence.

Kinds of Sentences

There are four different types of sentences:

  1. Assertive or, Declarative Sentence
  2. Imperative Sentence
  3. Interrogative Sentence
  4. Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive or, Declarative Sentence (Definition, Uses With Examples)

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called an Assertive Sentence.


  • He loves pets. (Affirmative)
  • I do not like smoking. (Negative)

Imperative Sentence (Definition, Uses With Examples)

A sentence that expresses a command, advice, request, or prohibition is called an Imperative Sentence.


  • Come here.
  • Go there.
  • Do not make a noise in the classroom.
  • Please open the door.
  • Do not eat fast food.

Interrogative Sentence (Definition, Uses With Examples)

A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.


  • What is your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • How many teams are playing in the IPL Tournament 2022?
  • Do you like Pizza?

Exclamatory Sentence (Definition, Uses With Examples)

A sentence that expresses a sudden or strong feeling/ expression is called an exclamatory sentence.


  • What a beautiful girl!
  • How tall she is!
  • Hurrah! India has won the world cup.
  • Alas! He is no more.

Note: Must Remember

Every sentence must begin with a capital letter.

Assertive and Imperative sentence ends with a full stop, i.e. [.]

Interrogative sentences end with an Interrogative or question mark, i.e. [?]

An Exclamation mark [!] is must be placed at the end of every Exclamatory sentence.

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And Finally, Sentence (Definition, Types and Their Uses)

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